Things to avoid for better health


An average person will catch a cold at least two times a year. We can still strive to stay healthy with some small changes to keep our immune system strong.


Sugar is a threat to the body as it weakens the immune system, especially artificial sugars that come in the form of candy bars, you might think that granola bars are healthy but even this seemingly healthy snack contains a huge amount of sugar. If you have a weaker immune system, your body has to work that much harder, which later leaves you feeling sick. If you crave sugars, you can get it from grapefruit and strawberries as they have vitamins that fight illness.

Don’t be a couch potato

Exercising is crucial to maintain a healthy immune system. Before you head home after work tries going to yoga classes or spin classes for at least an hour before finally going home.


Do not stress

Stress in this busy lifestyle is unavoidable, but some tips that are helpful for reduction of stress include, not saying yes to everything, organising yourself, planning meals ahead or having a to-do list.


A glass of wine sometimes won’t hurt, but heavy alcohols can suppress your immune system. Alcohol dehydrates your body and weakens your immune system making it more susceptible to illness. If you drink coffee or tea every day will dehydrate you drink lots of water and stay hydrated to reduce the effects of alcohol.


Smokers get frequent colds or just being around someone who smokes can also weaken your immune system. Try quitting smoke as it will help your immune system fight all the illness, promoting a healthy life. If you stay with someone, who smokes stay away from them when they smoke.

Processed Foods

Processed foods are full of sugar, carbs, which makes your body work harder, which suppresses your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to getting sick. You can avoid processed food if you do grocery shopping and read all the labels before you buy. Fill your baskets with fruits and vegetables. Proteins such as salmon have Omega-3 fatty acids to combat inflammation in your body.


Taking cold medication

Over the counter pills mask cold, and if you stop taking the medication, you will likely fall ill. Try home remedies such as drinking chicken soup, put a humidifier when you sleep, acupuncture can also help you boost your immune system.

Staying Up too late

Beauty sleep is important, especially during the cold and flu season. Try sleeping for more than 8 hours to wake up happy, healthy and refreshed. Don’t just sleep, take rest for the night; let your body relax and start healing you from inside out.